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5 reasons to see yourself debt free

20190730 5 Reasons to See Yourself debt free

If you always think of yourself as being in debt, then you will always be in debt. But when you see yourself debt free, you can become debt free. Learn more in this week’s blog.

Vision is important in many disciplines. What people envision is what they are going to get. The same thing applies to becoming debt free. Here are 5 reasons to see yourself debt free. 

1. If you can't see it, you can't have it

No matter where you go or what you do, you've seen it before.  You see with your mind.  People look at pictures to give them an idea of where they are going and what they are doing.  People look at maps to see how to get to a place.  You see your goal with your mind or with your eyes first.

When you see yourself as being in debt, the destination you see is debt and that is where you will end up and stay. When you really see yourself as debt free, you will move toward being debt free and end up there if you don’t quit. 

2. Seeing Motivates you to keep going

For most people, becoming debt free is going to take more than a couple days. That means there are going to be times when your motivation will get low. When you see yourself debt free, you are giving yourself something to focus on besides your low motivation and daily struggle to achieve being debt free. It gives you a goal to achieve, a target to aim for. You have to be aiming at something before you will hit it.  You aim at being debt free by seeing yourself debt free.

3. Seeing yourself debt free - Paints a brighter future and gives you hope 

Being debt free gives you the ability to do things that you can’t do when you are in debt. Seeing yourself debt free gives you hope that the sacrifices you are making to pay off your debt is worth it. 

You can make your future even brighter by picturing what you will do when you get there. Get a picture of the first big item you are going to buy with cash after you pay off your debt and put the picture where you can see it every day. Remind yourself that this is how you will operate all the time when you are debt free. 

4. When You see Yourself debt free - You notice what you focus on

Have you ever noticed that once you decide to buy a specific car model that you start seeing that car model everywhere you go?  It is not that there is suddenly more of that model on the road.  You are just noticing them because you are focusing on that model. 

By focusing on debt freedom, you will start to notice opportunities you have to achieve debt freedom. It is not that the opportunities weren’t there before.  You just were not noticing them. 

When you focus on becoming debt free, you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that you are now noticing. You will be glad you did. 

5. Seeing Yourself debt free - Sets your mind thinking on ways to accomplish what you want

When you get “stuck” problem solving, quit actively working on the problem and just “park” the problem in the back of your mind. Before you know it, you will come up with a solution for that problem while you are working on something else. 

Answers come from within you.  Give your answer time to surface. Start thinking about possible solutions to your debt problem, then “park” the issue in the back of your mind.  Do this by telling yourself that you will come back to it later.  Then your mind will work on the problem on its own.  You will find yourself coming up with thoughts that will be solutions to what you have “parked” in your mind!  Your solution will surface when you give it time.

Your mind is very powerful.  Your mind can help you achieve debt freedom if you focus on the right things.  Use these tips to get focused today!

One of the best ways to focus your attention on the positive aspects of your Debt Relief Journey is to make sure you have all the tools you need for your journey. Take my free debt relief workshop to make sure that you do!



1. To see something in your mind's eye is to envision or imagine.

2. You must see a thing before you can have it.

3. What you see and imagine motivates you.

4. Good mental pictures produce hope.

5. Your mind will bring your focus into view.

6. Your mind will continue to work on the problem you give it.


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