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How to Overcome Weakness

Today is the day. The only day. Tomorrow is not here and never will be. When tomorrow does come, it won’t be tomorrow, it will be today.  So, make the most of today.  Do things today that will bless you, your family and others moving forward. Learn more in this week’s blog. 

We all have weaknesses. But what most people don’t stop to realize is that you can overcome your own weaknesses. What are your weaknesses? By definition, a weakness is something for which you have a self-indulgent liking or special fondness.  Weaknesses are distractions that get you to focus on things that are not your primary focus or goal. You might call them a hindrance.

What are some examples of weakness? For some people, it may be shopping. For others it may be food.  For some unfortunate souls it is gambling. You get the idea. A weakness is not something that you can never do. Rather, a weakness is something that when you do it in excess, it causes you hurt. Hurt in your wallet or your bank account. Hurt in your body. It may even cause hurtful thinking in your mind!

When should you deal with your weaknesses?  Today!  If you put off dealing with your weaknesses, you will never resolve them.  Once you decide to work on weaknesses tomorrow, you have in effect said that you are not going to do anything about them.  Tomorrow never comes.  You only have today.

So how do you deal with your weaknesses?  Start today.

Now you don’t have to solve all your weaknesses at once.  Deal with one weakness at a time.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

You can use these steps to help you deal with your weaknesses.

1. Confess the weakness. Admit that you are doing it and that it has been hurting you. (That hurt may be as simple as taking you away from other priorities in your life.)

2. Decide that today you are going to do something to end the weakness.

3. Replace the weakening activity (for that is all it is - it’s just an activity) with a new healthy activity. Make sure that this activity or action is not one of your other weaknesses. Make it a life-giving activity that gets you closer to achieving your goals.

4. Keep taking the steps that get you away from your weakness. See this process through before you start dealing with your next weakness.

5. When you have overcome one weakness, begin working on the next one.  Remind yourself that each time you erase a weakness, you create a new strength!

The purpose and mission of this blog is to help and encourage you to eliminate debt in your life.  You do this by erasing old weak habits and activities that lead to debt.  Then you create new strengths that enable you to say no to frivuolous spending and overuse of credit cards.

This is not a one step process. Rather, it is a journey. A journey you can decide to embark upon TODAY!

My goal is to offer you help in three ways:

1. A weekly blog that provides inspiration, encouragement and helpful tips.

2. The FREE Debt Relief Workshop. It is possible to follow the steps outlined in the workshop and get yourself out of debt.

3. The Debt Relief and Budgeting Program. This paid program is for people who have completed the Debt Relief Workshop and want additional help going through the debt relief process. I get into much more detail in this program and guide you step by step through the process over a period of weeks. I give you examples, actions steps, tips and structure, all designed to help you through your debt relief journey.

If you are willing, not just wanting, and really ready to follow through and do what it takes to pay off your debt, learn to spend according to your budget and stop borrowing money, you can get yourself out of debt.  You can eliminate the weak habits and patterns that got you there in the first place.

Just imagine how great it will it feel to save money and get the nice things you want rather than going paycheck to paycheck and not having any money to spend!  Today is the DAY to Start!


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You’ll be amazed how free you feel without debt! And just imagine the things you could do if you had no debt!

Anything you tolerate becomes normal to you. When you stop tolerating debt, you increase your ability to function without it.  You can get yourself debt free. It will take you some time, but the end is worth it!- Dan Heiland

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God Bless your week!


© 2019 Dan Heiland 2019 Kat Heil, LLC

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