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They Can't Take it from You - If You Own it!





 Ready, get set, pay it off!

I don’t care what it is…If you owe money on it, this blog is For YOU!


Want some good news during a turbulent economy? Hint: Look at the title again. Once you set your mind to paydown, chunk-out, and eliminate your financial obligations, there is nothing to stop you.



“But wait. What about my condo, or house?” You might say.



Unless it is otherwise stated in your promissory note, there is not one item that cannot be paid off early with dogged determination and a good strategy. You do not need to win the lottery. You do not need to work five jobs. However, you will need conviction and a determined heart.



You will also need a plan. A strategy. A way to get from here to there. Right now, you may be saying, “With this economy, I’ll never get out of debt!” This is where I would say that you are mistaken. I would also advise you to take those words out of your vocabulary. Treat them like poison and do not let those words cross your lips ever again.


Speaking of words, another thing that can help deliver you from debtor to ownership is your good attitude. Make it a great attitude. A great attitude at a high altitude is hard to shoot down. Think about it. Look at all the inventions that have come about over the years. Those inventors are living, breathing human beings just like you and me.



"But I've made some dumb mistakes with my money..." you may say.



That is perfectly fine. I am here to help you get the debt off your back - and put you in a position of ownership of those things you have in life.



Go back as many or as few years as you like. The model A Ford. The airplane. The personal computer. The iphone. Artificial intelligence. You name it. The witty inventions that people take for granted today, exist because some inventor had a dream and never let go! You can do the same thing with your financial obligations.








Car Pixabay

Motorcycle Pixabay

Even if you do not have much confidence in yourself today, you can get your attitude to take flight. Start right now. Imagine yourself debt free. What would it feel like to have that car or motorcycle paid for? No more gigantic credit card balances. You have got a $1,000 emergency fund, so the next time your son goes to the ER, you can pay the bill without worrying where you will get the money.


Success breeds confidence, and that confidence leads to more success. Think bigger. Now that those credit cards are down to zero, how about paying extra each month on the condo or house you live in?



Some may say, “Oh, with this inflationary economy, that’s impossible!” But not you. You say, “Why not? Why not me, and why not now?”



Consumer debt like yours is being paid down and paid off during this economy. Be a winner. Let your imagination take you to places you have never been before. See yourself paying down financial responsibilities right now. Stop reading for a moment and just let your imagination soar!



Norman Vincent Peale one said, “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture.” You might think this a bunch of hooey, but real people have done this and succeeded. You can too.



To begin, you will have to face yourself in the mirror without condemnation or shame. You’ve got debt. So do millions of other people around the world. Admit it, then get to work. “I got myself into this financial mess, and I can get out of it.”



Do not worry about the math. The calculations will work themselves out just fine, without you having to bend your brain. Plus, I’ve got a FREE Debt Relief Workshop that you can download to help you get started. We will talk more about that later.



Next step:


Take out every bill and obligation where you owe money and spread those statements or bills out on the table, countertop, or floor.



Gather the family. Spouse, children, parents, grandkids, and dog or cat.



Discuss the goal. We are going to work together to get on top of these bills. We are going to pay them down, chunk them out, and be done with them. This may mean that we have to do things differently than we’ve done in the past. But we can get through this, because we are strong and we are family!



Determine how much money is flowing out every month (food, clothing, shelter, necessities, ect). Next, look at your income. Pull all paystubs and deposit records. Add the numbers. Next, subtract the money that flows outward from the money that is coming into the household. The answer is often called discretionary money. The dictionary calls this the money that is left up to the individual or family, to decide where it goes.



May I tug at you like I tugged at myself numerous times?

When you decide where that money goes…be ferocious about 2 things:


 One) Build that emergency fund



Two) Pay extra toward your bills.


(I’ll show you how to figure this out in the FREE Class).


Next, download the Free Workshop.




Watch it and get to work creating your own plan to pay down and pay off those bills. If you need more help, I offer a one-time, low-fee, get-it-and-it’s-yours-forever! program called:


Debt Relief and Budgeting Program.


Here, we take a deep dive together into formulating a plan to pay off financial obligations.


The fact that you are doing this as a FAMILY will make all the difference. Once everyone agrees to the plan, things will go much smoother than if you were trying to do everything yourself.



Yes, some things will need to be postponed


eliminated until most bills are paid in full.



Yes, you may find you need to do more home-cooked

meals instead of eating out.



Yes, you may have to brown bag it to work instead

of eating lunch out every day.


(No worries – it won’t last forever!)



Yes, you may have to prepare your coffee/soda at home for a while.



Yes, you may have to find other forms of entertainment instead of participating in expensive outings. Work together as a family and you will figure it out. Follow the workshop and the deep-dive class that I offer.

Below are the details that you will want to know about

for the workshop and program.



I created a simple FREE workshop to help you learn how to manage your money and get on top of your debts and obligations so you do not get smothered by them.



Some of the benefits of this FREE workshop include:


Why You should take the Workshop:


  It's FREE!


I talk about debt in a no-blame, no-shame manner.


 Learn more about the debt you have now.


 In-depth of debt elimination with concrete examples.


Buying a car?  Learn what to do besides negotiating price.


 Learn why the "SIZE" of your car payment is the wrong thing to look at when buying a car.


 Interested in buying a home?  Even with a low interest rate, learn what to watch out for. 


 What to do about that long contract.


 Secondary "rights" explained.


  Learn how to save 10% or more on your car purchase.


 Learn how to save 100% or more on your house purchase.


If you want something more hands on, I offer a one-time fee |forever yours | training program:

Debt Relief & Budgeting Program


The Budgeting Essentials Debt Relief & Budgeting Video Training Course.


Dan-The Budget Man is your instructor. You will find Dan both refreshing and honest. He will always explain WHY as well as HOW to do a thing.



Dan has been gifted to teach. Here you will learn how to take the necessary steps to eliminate the debt you have.  Yes, you CAN payoff your car early.  You can even pay your mortgage off early if you apply what you learn!



Nervous about computers or spreadsheets?


No Worries!



Within the modules, you will also see a manual way

to get set up on a budget and debt relief plan!



Not sure if this program will help you? 


No Worries. 


Dan has used these techniques in his own life with amazing results. 



Although I cannot make any promises to you, your results will be based upon how well you apply what you learn to your own personal situation. (Individual results vary from person to person).



Dan the Budget Man will walk you through each step of the process so that you will become familiar with how to set up your budget and debt relief pay down plan.





Learn how to get out of debt on your own - At your own Pace 


What type of debt do you want to eliminate?


Student loans? 


Credit Cards?


Consolidation Loans? 


Car Loans? 


Home Mortgages?



Learn how to pay off any of these debts yourself!


Work through your debt reduction step by step as you go through the program!



No Pressure!

No Guilt! 

No Additional Fees!

Lifetime Access!

You'll learn:



How your thinking affects

your debt

and how to move forward from here.


Why goals are necessary

for debt reduction - and how to achieve them.



How to set goals and keep them.



What being debt free can mean for you!

How to take control

of your money - and no more

being a slave to your lender.



How to have more money to do

what you want to do

and enjoy life so you don’t have to wait.


How to pay down your debt quickly and effectively.


Included in the class:


How to Setup your Budget Spreadsheet 


How to do a manual system if you hate computers


Bonus Programs:


How to Prioritize Course


Learn how to prioritize any size list!


Debt Payoff Calculator Course


Learn how to estimate your debt payoff order & timing


A $390 value included with the main program


when you purchase by the deadline!


Debt Relief & Budgeting Program Regular


Price: $599


Total package value: $989


 You pay only: $199 


 Order Today!!! 



14 Day Unconditional money back guarantee!


 Get Free Help.

 Protect your money!


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