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The Busy Woman's Path to Less Money Anxiety



The Busy Woman’s Path to Less Money Anxiety

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If you can relate to any part of this story, this blog is for you. Plus, you can download a free workshop to get you started on the road to LESS MONEY ANXIETY.

Courtney used to rise early every morning. It would be 13 to 14 hours before she arrived back home. Then there was the housecleaning, laundry, and meal preparation to do. Is this what every woman faces, she asked herself.


This evening, she longed for a luxurious, warm, bubble bath, with scented candles and soft music. Thoughts of a date night in a fine Italian restaurant, at a candle-lit table, set for two filled her imagination. A glass of wine. A single red rose in a tall vase. Soft music playing in the background. Ahhhh, she purred.


Then life happened. Courtney’s youngest son, Zach, burst through the front door. His voice was shrill and tears were streaming down his face. Courtney jumped up, putting her arms around the boy. He screamed in agony, indicating the pain was in his left arm. Worried the arm was broken, Courtney zoomed off with the boy to the nearest urgent care.


Mother and son were relieved to hear the arm was not broken. Zach had suffered a sprain from falling off his bicycle. The doctor prescribed the RICE recipe: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.


Weeks later, Courtney received an invoice in the mail for $1245. This was totally unexpected. They had good insurance. She was surprised to see that the patient responsibility portion of the bill was so high. She wondered about the annual family deductible on their health insurance plan.


That night at the dinner table, her husband Terrell frowned throughout his meal. He had worked a 14-hour day. The air conditioner at work was on the fritz and the shop was hot. He had forgotten to put his lunchbox in the company refrigerator, and had to toss most of it out.


Courtney didn’t know what was wrong with her husband, but she did sense his frustration. She knew it wasn’t the time to discuss the balance due on Zach’s doctor visit.


Courtney finished her meal. She excused Zach and his brother, reminding them that homework comes before computer games, and cleared the dinner table. “There’s got to be a better way to deal with money problems,” she murmured.


Busy woman – get free from money anxiety today.


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A Better Way to Deal with Money Problems


Life happens to all of us. in this case, it’s a sprained arm. Sooner or later, an unforeseen financial responsibility pops up. Here’s the good news! There is a better way to deal with trouble.


One decision will get the ball rolling in your favor



There is a way to prepare yourself to be financially strong. No more fear of what’s in the mailbox. No more anxiety about unexpected trouble. You won’t wonder where the money’s coming from to pay for that unanticipated bill.


Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re single, married with children, or somewhere in between. All it takes is one smart decision. That’s right. This one decision will get the ball rolling in your favor.


Without a Care in the World



What is it like to rise and shine in the morning without a care in the world? How would you like to know that you can find a solution to any money problem? Less money anxiety is your answer. No more panicking. No more restless nights. No more marital arguments over money.


Monthly Bills Paid in Full



In order to have less money anxiety, you’ve got to put a money plan in place. It must be in writing. Then follow your money plan step-by-step until your credit card(s), car loan(s), and home equity balances are paid in full. Just imagine: no more student loans. Credit card debt is gone. There’s no loan against your car. The only payment left is the mortgage!


I Can Make Double House Payments?



As you follow your own money plan, you’ll begin to see recurring monthly payments vanish. When this happens – and it will – you can use that extra money to make double house payments. The balance on your mortgage statement each month will go down drastically. Just think, every month, more money is being applied to the principle portion of your home. Your house will be paid off rapidly!


More Money Left at the End of the Month



No more student loan payments. No credit card payments. No car payment. What does that look like? The short answer is that you have More Money left at the end of the month. Look in the mirror. Are you smiling from ear to ear? Who wouldn’t be? Want to get in on a little Secret?


The Secret


The early bird catches the worm!





What happens next is up to you. When you choose to follow The Busy Woman’s Path to Less Money Anxiety, you will be driving debt out of your life!



The sooner you decide to make your own money plan, the sooner you will have sweet peace!


© 2023 Dan the Budget Man

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