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Mediocrity: How Your Business Loses



Mediocrity: How Your Business Loses


7 Steps to Hire the Right Employee


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What exactly does a business lose

when an employee performs their job in a mediocre fashion?



  • Customer satisfaction (job not well done).
  • Shortfall in business income (product/service not worth the price in the eyes of your customer).
  • Forfeiture of customers (to your competitor).
  • Damage to good word-of-mouth advertising (customers no longer tell other people how great you are in their estimation).
  • Decrease in overall employee enthusiasm to perform at peak levels (Mediocrity tolerated kills employee morale).
  • Loss of competent employees (the good employees will leave you).


Results of Mediocrity



Rumors get spread quickly about how bad your business is.

Your company name becomes synonymous with “junk” (or worse!).

Company revenue decreases.

Reputations suffer (business owner, employees).



“Mediocrity is like quicksand. It does not care who it devours: You, your employees, your customers.”

-     Dan Heiland



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7 Steps to Detect Mediocrity at the Job Interview




 Determine This:



1. What does your candidate bring to the table? How well do they/could they perform in this role for your company? What do they enjoy about this work? For best results, keep your questions open-ended.


2. What captivates the prospective employee? How did they become interested in this or these activities? Ask for specific details. Use your intuition to guide you into whether their interest will help or hinder job performance.


3. It is beneficial to find out what a person’s values are. You might ask your candidate to tell you about a time when…


4. As you sit back to listen, watch for body language. Pay attention to what this person does with their eyes. Are they looking at you, or dreaming? Listen to the tone of voice being used. Remember to surrender preconceptions and emotional baggage.


5. You may choose to ask the interviewee about a certain goal or dream that they acted upon. Do not be afraid to ask for more detail or explanation if you are not clear about what is being said.


6. Why is this person pursuing this job position? What is their main reason? What calls to them about the company/job position? What do they hope to gain from this employment? Let your interviewee fill in the blank on this question: I hope to remain in this position _______. Then ask them why. *Ask all job candidates the same question.


7. This question may be the tell all. Ask your potential employee what they expect of you, as a boss. Do not let them off the hook on this question.


Once you are ready, explain in a firm, but friendly manner exactly what you expect of them in this role. Watch closely for their open/hidden reactions.


Ask the person to repeat back to you what was just said.


2 Parts: 1) Ask whether they agree. 2) Then ask why.

Bonus Steps:


Check references. Press for one from a woman and one from a man who are both coworkers. Then get one or two from former bosses.


Asking all job interviewees, the same set of questions keeps things fair and unbiased. Take notes based on what you hear and “see” with your senses.


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