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How to Have Fun With Kids During a Chaotic Economy: Without Spending a Lot of Money


How to Have Fun With Kids During a Chaotic Economy: Without Spending a Lot of Money





If you are wondering how to keep the fun alive for your family while the economy is tight, you have come to the right place for encouragement!

The purpose of this week’s blog is TOTAL ENCOURAGEMENT!

Here you will get some ideas about how to keep the FUN alive while the economy is wearing an unfriendly face.



Cooking Classes at home



Pull out a cookbook or go online and find a recipe for your child’s favorite meal or snack. Clear the counter. Pull out the aprons and get busy. No aprons? No worries. Tie a dish towel or hand towel around your little helpers.

Rewarding, happy memories that last a lifetime have been cultivated in the kitchen cooking and laughing and having fun.

I have provided you with some resources below.



Finger or Brush Painting Workshop at home




You will never know the artist in your child until you give them an opportunity to express themselves in a comfortable, non-judgmental setting. Afraid of the mess? No worries. You can purchase inexpensive, non-toxic, safe paints for the project.

Creativity has a way of taking one’s mind away from stress and fear.

It also has a way of making room for spontaneous joy. Joy on the face that spills over into the eyes has a way of producing inner strength and vitality. Watch kids out playing some time and you will see what I mean.







If you grew up in a household where your parent read to you – especially before bedtime – you have personal knowledge of the peace afforded through such a simple occasion as sharing a story.

You may not notice this peacefulness at first. It may even seem like a chore at first. But I promise you, once you become absorbed with a good story – even a simple one – you will look back on some calm, fond memories that came from reading or sharing real life stories with family.



Go to the library




If you have not been to local library lately, I will tell you that you are in for a huge surprise. Because of all the interesting activities that are available at various libraries today, I would strongly suggest that you and your children find out what interests you.

Here are some of the things kids of all ages – and adults – can do at my local library:

Learn how to use 3D printers to make a cake top, a pair of doll shoes, and more.

Use the Cricut machine to make a sticker inspired from Disney’s “Encanto”. 


Beginning ukelele classes

Learn coding

Find out about robotics




Water color programs featuring an art show at the end




And many more things to get involved in! I encourage you to check out your local library. Bigger cities have multiple libraries well within driving range (so you won’t need to fill the gas tank).



As promised, here are some resources for you:





Easy Recipes Kids Will Love! | Tasty Cooking Recipes for Kids

Messy Hands – Kids Cooking


14 Easy Recipes for Cooking With Kids

By Michael La Corte













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