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Fight Inflation. Start Today. 3 Steps:


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Anyone can fight inflation. Your decision to win the war over inflation begins and ends with you.




What am I saying?

I am telling you that you can prevail in any economy. It is true. In any battle, you will see winners and losers. The difference in the outcome depends upon your fighting strategy.



First, do you have an inflation strategy?




Second, do you know the state of your flocks? Successful farmers know the state of their cattle, their crops, and their expected sources of revenue.







Third, are you ready to stay in the battle until you win? You might be thinking that this question is a no-brainer. I beg to differ. Many people who have been fighting a battle, whether it be a weight issue, a shopping addiction, or a smoking cessation plan, have not succeeded.






Why? The bottom line is that they started out fighting their battle with good intentions. However, when the flames got hot, they quit. A preacher man started saying this years ago:


“If you don’t quit, you win!”


No matter what kinds of wars people have fought over the years, it was the side that refused to give up that eventually won the battle. It may sound cliché, but it is true nonetheless. Winners do not give up. They do not make excuses for why they could not go on. They simply charge forward. (Notice, I did not say easily. I said simply.)


The Decision:


Will you commit to fight to protect yourself and your loved ones from being swallowed up by inflation?


If you answered Yes! to this question, proceed onward.


Let’s Strategize:


If you own something, let no one take it from you. Whether it be your condo, your house, your car, your motorcycle, your kids’ stuff…


If it belongs to you, let’s get it paid off early.


If you still owe on it, let’s tackle those credit balances:

Credit cards

Student loans

Mortgage refinance loans

Debt consolidation loans

Children’s tuition balances


If you owe on it, pay it down. Chip away at those balances. Chunk out those balances when you receive unexpected money.





There are several ways this can be done. As a budget man with a financial background, I like to look at the big picture and set priorities and mark-offs.


The more determined you are to attack those bills, the faster you will see progress. Just looking at a reduced balance on your credit card can be the incentive you need to not to give up. That’s how you win the war against inflation.


Think about it. The economy will always be going somewhere. Up. Down. Spinning out of control. Do not let this affect you. How?


Your money is your money.


You choose how you spend money.


Your money help strategy:


Treat people how you want to be treated. If you promised to pay for something via mortgage, loan, or credit card, then pay it. Why? Because you want to receive money when other people promise to pay you. It is that simple.




What is the state of Your Flocks?




Just like the farmer who weighs and measures his cows, his crops, and his revenue, it’s time for you to pull out all of your bills and obligations. You signed a promissory note and it is time to keep that promise. Next, I want you to pull out proof of every channel that brings you money. Paycheck stubs. Side hustle income. Business income. Retirement income.


Good News! You can do this with paper and pencil or on a computer.


Stay in the Money Battle:


I’m in it to Win it – AND – I want You there too!

You see, “If you don’t quit, you win!”

Mac Hammond


Although I cannot make your mind up for you, I can help you to become strong mentally and emotionally – which will keep you in battle ready position against a topsy-turvy economy - until you get your bills and obligations paid off! Longer, if you wish.


It’s my personal dream and my goal to help you pay down debt – no matter what the economy is – or - is not doing.


How do I carry out this dream and goal?


Every other week I publish a timely money help blog. You can sign up for that blog here: Dan's Money Help Blog Signup


No worries, my website is secure.


Next, I offer a FREE Workshop that you can download - at no charge – so you can create a proper money-help strategy. Some of the benefits of this FREE workshop include:


Why You should take the Workshop:


  It's FREE!

  We discuss debt in a no-blame, no-shame, no-guilt manner.


 Debt is more than what you spend. Get a new mindset in this workshop.


 We go over In-depth explanations of debt - providing concrete examples to learn from.


 Buying a car?  Learn what to do besides negotiating price.


 Learn why the "SIZE" of your car payment is the wrong thing to look at when buying a car.


 Interested in buying a home?  Even with current interest rates, here’s what to watch out for. 


 Don’t let long contracts intimidate you – learn how in this workshop.


 Secondary "rights" explained.


 Learn how to save 10% or more on your car purchase.


Learn how to save 100% or more on your house purchase. No joke!




If you want something more hands on,

I offer a one-time fee |forever yours | training program:



Click link below to find out more about this program:

Debt Relief & Budgeting Program





Debt Relief & Budgeting Video Training Course.


Dan-The Budget Man is your instructor. You will find him both refreshing and honest. Dan will always explain WHY as well as HOW.



Dan has been gifted to teach. In the Debt Relief & Budgeting Program, you will be both informed and educated on debt, as well as how to take the necessary steps to eliminate the debt you have. Yes, you CAN payoff your car early. You can even pay your mortgage off early if you apply what you learn!



Nervous about computers or spreadsheets?

No Worries!

Within the modules, you will also see a manual way to set up a budget and debt relief plan!



Not sure if this program will help you?  No Worries.  Dan has used these techniques in his own life with amazing results.



Although I cannot make any promises to you,

your results will be based upon

how well you apply what you learn

to your own personal situation.

(Individual results vary from person to person).


Dan the Budget Man will walk you through each step of the process so that you will become familiar with how to set up your own personal budget and debt relief pay-down plan.





Learn how to get out of debt on your own - at your own pace 

Learn the order of debt elimination:

Student loans? 

Credit Cards?

Consolidation Loans? 

Car Loans? 

Home Mortgages or Home Equity Refinance Loans?



Work through your debt reduction step-by-step

as you go through the program!


No Pressure!

No Guilt! 

No Additional Fees!

Lifetime Access!



You'll learn:


How your thinking affects your debt and how to move forward from here.


Why goals are necessary for debt reduction - and how to achieve them.


How to set goals and keep them.


What being debt-free can mean for you. Quit being a slave to the lender.


How to have more money to do what you want to do. Enjoy life so you don’t have to wait.


How to pay down your debt quickly and effectively.




Included in the class:


How to Setup your Budget Spreadsheet 


How to do a manual system if you hate computers



Bonus Programs:


How to Prioritize Course


Learn how to prioritize any size list!


Debt Payoff Calculator Course


Learn how to estimate your debt payoff order & timing




A $390 value included

with the main program

when you purchase by the deadline!




Debt Relief & Budgeting Program Regular Price: $599


Total package value: $989


 You pay only: $199 


 Order Today!!! 


14 Day Unconditional money back guarantee!




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