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Do This 1 Thing to Avoid Low Funds


Do this 1 Thing to Avoid Low Funds






To financially protect yourself and your family these days you must make some changes. Yes, these changes have to do with your money.


You might say, “With the increase in the price of rent, gasoline, and eggs, I barely have enough money to get along! How can I possibly stretch the money I have?”


The answer is easier than you might think.



Stop listening to all the doom and gloom in the media.  





Do this 1 this thing

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Quit blaming yourself for your money mistakes. Instead, get busy carrying out the 1 thing we are discussing here today.




Strategy_Pixabay.pngFollowing this decision will increase your cash faster than you know.Cash Increase Pixabay




Would you rather live off the top of the barrel than the bottom?




Are you ready to tell the economy what to do, rather than let it boss you around?

If your answer is Yes! and I suspect it is, read on.


Here is the 1 thing:


Get on top of your money, instead of smothering beneath it. You might be wondering; how do I do that?

Since you are reading this, I am going to suggest that you already have the qualities necessary to get on top of your money:








Why honesty?

It is simple, really.

You have to take a good, hard look at where you and your family are spending money. No worries. I get it. Men, women, and children all have different priorities.



Why dedication?


You must stick with this decision you make today – even when the going gets rough.



Why determination?

A determined person will not let sacrifices or short-term cutbacks affect their decision to move forward with this plan until completion.






What is important to one individual, may not be a priority to the next person. There is going to have to be some give and take. Trust me. This can be worked out to the satisfaction of everyone in the family.

How can I say that?

I have done this. Yes, we negotiated. But you know what? We did it!

And if we can do it, so can you. Here's how:



Above all, keep your eye on the goal. Let every decision you make further your goal of getting on top of your money! To accomplish this: Each expense must be analyzed.



If your family consists of more than you and the dog, pull everyone together. Form a team. Hold up the common goal: We will get on top of our money!


It may seem challenging at first, but stick with it. You can do this.


Whether you use a checkbook, a credit card, a banking app, lay out every payment method. Identify every dollar that arrives and departs your household.



Dollars coming in:

Dollars going out:

How much money is left at the end of the month?



Next: Examine every expense and ask the questions:


Can we get by without this expense?


Could we do this more economically?


Might we delay this expense to better time?


Should we renegotiate the amount we are spending in this category?


You may encounter some kickback from these discussion questions. That is to be expected. You could encounter some deal-making like this:


“I’ll give up this if you give up that.”


“I will stop this if you quit doing that.”


“I will cut this expense back by 25%, what will you do?”



Use your imagination. Be creative. Have compassion for one another. This can be a trying time for everyone. How people deal with cutbacks may vary greatly.




Keep your eye on the goal: We will get on top of our money!



Encourage one another: Much of this will be short-term. Each time we knock out a student loan, a car loan, or a credit card balance, we have more financial freedom.




And speaking of financial freedom, let me gift you with a little something:





A Free Debt Relief Workshop


The whole family can work on this together.


Why You should take the Workshop:


 1. It's FREE!

2. Learn in a no-blame, no-shame enviroment.


 3. Learn more about the debt you have and how it came to be.


 4. In-depth explanations of debt with concrete examples.


 5. Buying a car?  Learn what to do besides negotiating price.


 6. Learn why the "SIZE" of your car payment is the wrong thing to look at when buying a car.


 7. Interested in buying a home?  Even with a low interest rate, learn what to watch out for. 


 8. What to do with that long contract.


 9. Secondary "rights" explained.


  10. Learn how to save 10% or more on your car purchase.


 11. Learn how to save 100% or more on your house purchase.


Get My Free Class Now!



Yes, I also have a one-time fee |forever yours | training program:



Budgeting Essentials:

Debt Relief & Budgeting Program

The Budgeting Essentials Debt Relief & Budgeting Video Training Course.

Dan-The Budget Man is your instructor.  You will find him both refreshing and honest.  He will always explain WHY as well as HOW to do a thing.

Dan has been gifted to teach.  You will be both informed and educated on debt as well as how to take the necessary steps to eliminate the debt you have.  Yes, you CAN payoff your car early.  You can even pay your mortgage off early if you apply what you learn!

Nervous about computers or spreadsheets?

No Worries!

Within the modules, you will also see a manual way to get set up on a budget and debt relief plan!

Not sure if this program will help you?  No Worries.  Dan has used these techniques in his own life with amazing results.  Your results will be based upon how you apply what you learn to your own personal situation.

Dan the Budget Man will walk you through each step of the process so that you will become familiar with how to set up your budget and debt relief pay down plan.


1. Learn how to get out of debt on your own - At your own Pace 

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Credit Cards?

Consolidation Loans? 

Car Loans? 

Home Mortgages?

Learn how to pay off any of these debts yourself!

3. Work through your debt reduction step by step as you go through the program!

No Pressure!

No Guilt! 

No Additional Fees!

Lifetime Access!


You'll learn:

+ How your thinking affects your debt and how to move forward from here.

+ Why goals are necessary for debt reduction - and how to achieve them.

+ How to set goals and keep them.

+ What being debt free can mean for you!

+ How to take control of your money - and no more slavery to the lender.

+ How to have more money to do what you want to do and enjoy life so you don’t have to wait.




+ How to pay down your debt quickly and effectively.


 Take Me to Look at The Debt Relief & Budgeting Program Incentives:


Included in the class:


1. How to Setup your Budget Spreadsheet 

2. How to do a manual system if you hate computers


Bonus Programs:


How to Prioritize Course


Learn how to prioritize any size list!


Debt Payoff Calculator Course


Learn how to estimate your debt payoff order & timing


A $390 value included with the main program when you purchase by the deadline!

Debt Relief & Budgeting Program Regular Price: $599

Total package value: $989

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