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5 Tips to Prevent Credit Card Explosion During the Holidays 2022-2023




5 Tips to Prevent Credit Card Balance  Explosion

During the Holidays 2022-2023






To protect your credit card balance (and your wallet!) every family needs an immediate assessment of where their money is going - especially during the Holidays 2022 - 2023!


You may say, “Oh, but it’s Christmas (or the name of your holiday!), I just have to splurge, right?”


No. Here’s why:






For many consumers, Christmas has become a shopaganza – a time to buy, buy, buy, and let responsibility fly! Few people consider the consequences behind credit card balance explosions.




Here’s an alternative: Why not let the Holidays be a time for family and togetherness?







Peace and unity are not just wishful thinking. You can make them happen in your family - if you want to.



Choosing to spend time with family members has benefits FOR YOU.




First, sharing time with family members can distract you from worrisome thoughts and depressing emotions.



Second, you can have conversations with family members that are unlike the talk at work or the gym, freeing your mind to ponder new possibilities in life with someone who knows you.



How to Make the Family Thing Work:



Uniting with people is just that – a working together to perform as one. Let go of the unnecessary burdens or expectations you may have placed upon one another in the past. People become willing when they are not forced.








Think back to your childhood happy time. Was it really about the gifts, or do you recall the thrill of tearing the wrap and bow off your present? What did grandpa’s face look like? How good was the smell of cookies? Did that hot cocoa have five marshmallows or 15? What was that thing the dog knocked over with his tail?






Who was the story-teller in your family? Whose perfume smelled the best (or worst)? What color shirt did Uncle wear? Who scolded who on eating too much at the dinner table? Did you have one table for kids and one for adults? Did you help with the dishes? Was someone particularly good at making the gravy? Or the Jello? Which cookies ran out first?



Most parents will tell you that this family time of life goes by fast. It’s not long before times flies by like the telephone polls on a cross country drive. Times like these are fleeting. If you are a parent with young children – all too soon – your little ones will fly the coop.



I submit to you - that this year, in 2022 - that you lay off the buying sprees of the past and concentrate on family and friends - for who they are and what they mean to you.





Many people (of all ages) have been pent up for too long and would benefit greatly by your company and the opportunity to laugh like a kid again. Be silly. Watch a vintage Christmas movie together. Make a couple of buckets of popcorn.




Because you decided to make the Holidays of 2022 about love and unity, the memories will last for years!







5 Tips to Prevent Credit Card Balance Explosion during the Holidays 2022



  1. Gift giving to children – keep the gifts to a minimum. Place the emphasis on laughter, agreement, and harmony. No one will die from not receiving an expensive gift this year.
  1. Gifts for adults – none. Most grownups get it – this is not the time to be flinging your credit card around like a lasso. (You know, the ones cowboys use to wrestle cattle?)
  1. Food – most folks do not require a fancy-schmancy meal. If the group is big, have each party bring a homemade recipe to the table. The more the merrier – the leftovers can be taken by guests or enjoyed by the hosting family.
  1. Conversations – keep the talk light and lively. Nothing rude or judgmental. No picking on people – no matter what they have done. You like to be forgiven, don’t you? Share dreams of the future – you never know who may help you get there! Dreams can come true – if you want them to!
  1. Leave them smiling – one of the things people will remember most about Christmas (or your holiday) 2022 - with you - is how you made them feel. Warm and loved, or cold and shaken. Some smart person once said, people don’t care about how much you know – they need to know how much you care!


Rest assured that changes like these can help us prevent credit card explosion during the holidays 2022-2023.




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  • Our wish for you is that you be blessed with peace and unity (enjoying family) like you never knew was possible!





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