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5 Things to Know About Crushing Your Money Woes


Let’s get cerebral.

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What’s a money woe if not a feeling of anguish, guilt, or distress over spent money, otherwise known as debt?

Just like sickness is a corruption of good health, debt is a corruption of money.


Debt is a financial disease. Dissect this word with me. The first three letters are d-i-s. Dis, by definition, means the opposite of something.


Now look at the last four letters: e-a-s-e. Ease is synonymous with being comfortable, carefree, and pain-free. So, when you combine dis with ease, you can see how “dis” corrupts ease.


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You have ease when you are not in debt. you have dis-ease when you are deep in debt.



Crush #1: Words & Thoughts




No matter what I do, I cannot make enough money.


I was raised poor, and I will be poor all my life.



My parents were not rich, and neither am I.


I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.




I just cannot seem to get enough money.


All I need is just enough to get by.




It’s just my lot in life.

How often have you heard: if only I had enough money…my life would be great!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Find out why as we go further.




Crush #2: Treatment




Am I supposed to treat money in a certain way? Someone may ask. Absolutely!


Money should have and hold a place in your life. Guess what position it should not have…


Money should be subservient to you and your family. What does that mean?


Money should promote an outcome, not be the outcome for you.


Money should be useful to you, but in an inferior way.


How does this happen? Continue to find out.




Step 1 Do not let money talk to you.

“Buy this; get that.”



“Hey, what about that nice _____________. Wouldn’t you like to have one of those? You only need this much more money to get it.”



“You know, this shopping site will let you get the exact _______ you have been looking for. They offer installment payments. Why don’t you just order it now?”


“Go ahead, get it. That’s what buy-now-pay-later is for.”




Step 2 Talk to your money



“Shut up!”



“From now on, I’m telling you what to do.”



“Money, you have a job to do. Get me and my family out of debt. Fast!”



“Money, meet our new friend, Budget.”



“Money, I am speaking to you. From this moment forward, Budget will tell you where to go.”





Crush #3: Make Money Accountable




Keep track of money’s every move. How do you do that?

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Take this Power Stance over every note, bill, and loan.



Write the balance.


Write the interest rate.


Write the minimum payment.


Go online and find one of those interest calculators.


Plug in your numbers to get the number of payments until the bill is paid off.


Put your bills in order of the shortest payoff to the longest payoff.


Start with the shortest loan payoff. Add some extra money to this payment each month.


(Even $5 more each month will help!)


Watch that bill get paid off quicker than the calculator told you it would. 😊





Crush #4: Command Money

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Once that first bill is gone, take the monthly payment you made each month and add it to the next bill in line on your list.


If you get any unexpected chunks of cash, such as money in a birthday card, a refund, or similar, work this cash by adding it to your monthly payment.




Crush #5: Strategize

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Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage early.


Maybe you want to save for a new car.

Or a boat. You choose.




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Tuck those extra dollars into your savings for that item. You’ve been waiting to get this anyway, why not wait with your money with you?





Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list. Hopefully, it is enough to get you in

battle mode with those bills you have.

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Crush your money woes!


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Our mission is to help you


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in your personal life and


in your small business life.



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