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5 Secrets to Grow Your Customer Base


5 Secrets to Grow Your Customer Base

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But: Here’s what you gotta do 1st


Let us be totally honest. If you could narrow down your business to one word, what would that word be?                (Answer: You)



You may have wondered, “Can I get more customers without spending a lot of money?”                                      (Answer: Yes, you can!)



All of us here at Dan the Budget Man clearly understand the pressure on business owners to put more cash into the hands of social media advertising. We also know what it is like to start out on a shoe-string sized budget, with little, or no money set aside to pay for good ads in the right places at the right time.



Yes, we even printed flyers and brochures. You know, the ones you sneak inside the screen doors of nearby neighbors, or the splashy ones you tuck under vehicle windshield wipers in a retail parking lot.



If your experience in trying to grow your customer base has been any bit like our own, this blog is for You!



As promised in the subtitle above, here’s what you gotta do first:


Find the two operative words in this next paragraph:


In business, we cannot give away something we do not have or own. Your business is all about you and what you have to offer. Many small business owners spend countless hours trying to improve everything about their business - but themselves. Why? The quick answer is that business owners are so busy working, they are not aware of the value of personal nourishment.



(The operative words here are You and Personal Nourishment)

What will personal nourishment do for you?



Personal nourishment revitalizes you!


Personal nourishment brings life to your body, mind, and soul.


When personal nourishment is performed routinely, your creativity awakens. New ideas spring up.


A business owner like yourself, who gets personally nourished, can bring the basics back onto the business scene: gentleness, gratefulness, and kindness.


See for yourself if you do not benefit greatly by making personal nourishment part of your routine!



We have heard

from business owners

of all sizes:



People are not spending the way they used to.


My regular clients are less than regular.


Some people haven’t bothered to come back at all.


I’ve witnessed a higher degree of disagreeableness and irritability lately.



Enter: Personal nourishment

@Dan the Budget Man ©


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To begin, step outside. Yes, outdoors.


Like my dad always said, the rain won’t melt you! And sunshine boosts serotonin levels. Sunshine empowers your energy, peace, and helps you focus.


Breathe in nature. Watch rabbits hop. What’s the dog barking at? Where is that furry feline headed?



Focus outside yourself.


It’s a good way to forget your problems!


Look around and you are sure to spot someone who needs help. Go over and help them.


Our personal saying: I never have to look far before I see somebody who has life a whole lot worse than I do!



Give thanks.

There are many ways to do this. Nod or wave at the driver who just let you switch lanes of traffic (or get into the left turn lane at the last moment!).


Smile and wave at people you pass by (walking or driving).


Express thanksgiving each morning you get out of bed! A warm bed and a meal to eat are big blessings to people who do not have them.



Monitor your words.


There are words (or phrases) we all need to shake out of our vocabulary. My spouse (a real blessing to me!), reminds me of this by responding, “If you say so.” These four little words immediately grab my attention, and I reword what I just said. Why? Because I don’t want what I just said!



Stop comparing yourself to others.



There are many good quotes out there about this. My three favorites are:





          “Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

                    – Steve Jobs

          “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton


          “God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.”

                   – William Shakespeare




Once you’ve nourished

your soul, here are

5 Secrets That Will Improve

You &

Grow Your Customer Base:



1.  Decide to quit hurrying through life. Take the time to enjoy your family, your friends, and your customers. These people may be able to help you more than you know. Everyone has a circle of influence.



2.  Make time to exercise your body. Whether you run, jog, lift weights, do planks, or do the iron strength workout, your body and mind will thank you for years to come. Aging and sedentary habits have a way of sneaking up on you when you’re not looking.



3.  Instead of watching whatever comes up on the screen at home, make the quality decision to spend 20 minutes each day reading something that is of benefit to you or your businessFree Class.  A Blog.



4.  Learn just one new word every day. You’ll be amazed at the confidence this will give you. Imagine being able to persuasively sell the benefits of your product or service to any client at any time! It’s not the impossible dream.



5.  Forgive others. There’s a reason that I mention this one last. Archibald Hart, a wonderful psychologist, defines forgiveness as “giving up our right to hurt someone back.”


Sure, you may remember what that person did or said, but when you forgive people, you release the power that this event had over you (anger, rage, bad attitude, etc). Forgive someone on purpose and see how true this is.


Following these 5 Secrets to Grow Your Customer Base - will positively change the way others see you. You might have to look in the mirror to ask, “Is this really me?”





Personal testimony:

For us here at Dan the Budget Man, the ability to forgive others came when we made Jesus our Lord. Although it is never our intent to impose our values on you, we say that every area of our lives has gotten better since we made this choice.



Personal nourishment @Dan the Budget Man ©


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